Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Complimentary Consultations
by appointment
Insurance coverage
for those who qualify
Prescriptions accepted
by medical doctors
Say goodbye
to hair loss anxiety
unbelievable results
your confidence
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Full Salon Services

Glamourama Salon, Spa & Hair Loss Center prides itself with for having top cosmetologists and barbers capable of all services.

  • Men haircuts, fades, pompadours, faux hawks, high and tight etc.
  • Women haircuts, short, long, trendy, regular.
  • Hair coloring for men, women, hair units, wigs, balayage, highlights, lowlights,white, cover-up.
  • Hair waves
  • Damaged hair repair

Organic and Alternative Chemical Services

Our salon provides more than just hair restoration. We offer organic and alternative chemical salon services for the client seeking to reduce their chemical footprint, while still being able to enjoy a change in hair color, cover grays or relaxing curls. We strive to use low toxicity solutions that produce excellent results.

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